Why You Need The Best Dui Lawyer

Being charged with driving under the influence is a serious matter. There are a number of factors that influence sentencing like whether it is the first offence and how much of the substance the charged drank or took. For the first offense, the penalty can rage from ten to six months in jail, loss of license and a fine of upwards of $1,000. With each consecutive offence, the sentence only becomes more severe and the need for a lawyer more serious.

Choosing the best dui lawyer is of utmost importance. Working closely with their clients, lawyers can help their client choose the best direction for their legal situation and work to reduce a severe sentence. At hartlevin, our highly educated and trained team of lawyers are always ready to jump into action and use their skills to help clients.

How Dui Lawyers Work

When a hartlevin lawyer is hired, they will need to assess the situation. To do so, they will look over police reports, witness statements – if any – and any previous court records their client may have. They will also sit down with their client and ask detailed questions so they understand exactly what happened. It is important for lawyers to have every detail; surprises are not welcome in the court.

In court, the lawyer will mount a defense and advocate for the charges to be dropped or a reduced sentence. Hartlevin works hard and even when faced with the toughest cases, we don’t fold and give up. We understand that the legal system is complicated.

How To Find A Dui Lawyer

Finding a lawyer can be difficult. Even more so if the charged is residing in jail before trial. If given the opportunity, do research online. Do a Google search, read reviews and learn about the lawyers employed in the company. The next step should be to call the business and talk to them before making a decision. There are many lawyers out there and not all of them are worth the money. Making the right choice is important.

Hartlevin understands that the future of our clients may rest in our hands and we take that seriously. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and ask any questions. We would be happy to set up a meeting and answer any questions in person to set worries at ease.