Why Henely Style Shirts Can Go With Anything

The Henley t-shirt is one of those t-shirts that never fails to impress. It has been with us for a long time, and probably arrived in the United States with the settlers. The Henley t-shirt made its first appearance in 1839 at the Henley Boat Regatta outside of London. Today, you will still see rowers on The River Thames wear Henley t-shirts when they row. practise their strokes on The Thames. In the UK, it is often seen as a bit of an upmarket t-shirt.

How do you describe the Henley t-shirt? In many ways, the Henley t-shirt is a cross in between a long sleeved polo shirt and a long sleeved classic t-shirt.

How Do You Wear A Henley T-Shirt?

You certainly don’t have to be a rower to wear this versatile t-shirt. Its classic looks mean that this is the t-shirt you can wear for almost any occasion.

While it is often worn with jeans, it looks just as good with a pair of cotton slacks or chinos. Often made from slightly heavier cotton fabric, it is the kind of t-shirt that you put on when the weather is a bit cooler. However, the fabric is not so thick that you can wear a Henley t-shirt under a jacket.

The cuffs are often elasticated but that is not necessarily a characteristic of this rather sophisticated t-shirt. Cuffs can also be a lose knit to make it easy for them to be rolled up. That is something that many rowers appreciate.

Why You Should Have a Henley T-Shirt In Your T-Shirt Collection

This is the one t-shirt that is just as much home in town in the country. The perfect t-shirt to pack for a weekend break. It looks smart, yet it is a t-shirt that you can go anywhere in.

Great for traveling in and will look smart when you go out to dinner. It has always been one of the most popular t-shirts in the UK and is the second most popular t-shirt sold after the rugby shirt.

In other parts of the world, the Henley t-shirt is still gaining ground. It would appear it is the t-shirt that we still underestimate.

Finding the Henley t-shirt in store is not easy. We really think that this classic t-shirt deserves to be promoted and worn. That is why we have made it part of our subscription box collection. Taking out a subscription to a t-shirt subscription box is a great idea when you want to make sure you have the most versatile t-shirt collection possible.