Types of SMS marketing

Most SMS marketers who are at beginner level think there is only one way to do the marketing using text messages. Only professional marketers know that there are different types of SMS marketing as each of these types focuses on a separate group of people. We have arranged a list of SMS marketing types to help you get better knowledge.


Some companies send alerts to the customers to inform them about different aspects of the business. If a shop is opening on weekends, they can send SMS alerts to all the customers to motivate them to visit. Businesses can also send SMS alerts about the addition of new services. If the real estate company has hired a lawyer, they can send an SMS alert to the customers. They can mention that the company can deal with court-related cases also. They can attract hundreds of customers by sending these alerts through SMS.


Promotions are different than alerts. Alerts are for people who already know about the services. Promotion marketing is to attract new customers. If the company has started giving a product free of cost when you buy something, it is called a promotion. Some marketing companies are experts in selecting the group of people for promotion marketing. Textedly.com is one of these companies as they have advanced data analysis tools to help you choose the best groups for promotional marketing.


Companies are coming up with new ideas to attract more customers. Some companies arrange competitions to attract more customers. Sending SMS to market competitions can affect the company image negatively if you send it to the people who are not interested. It is essential to choose a company that has use database of people. Textedly.com has a database to help you select the people who are going to be interested in your competitions. You can advertise everyone who buys products worth $100 can enter the competition to win a new car. This way, you can increase the sales drastically.


If you are looking for the best way to attract more customers, you can advertise discounts using SMS marketing. Discounts are attractive to every person. It is better to advertise the discounts to the women. If a woman likes your brand, she will purchase the items when you advertise. It is possible to increase your profits by giving discounts. When you advertise discounts using SMS marketing, you can get more customers. Even when your profit margin is low, the increased number of customers will increase your profit.